Sviatoslav Kozakov

Oil Paintings

                                      ABOUT THE ARTIST

Sviatoslav Kozakov has been surrounded by art since his birth, but it is nature that has become his greatest teacher, and his endless inspiration.

While in Michigan, Sviatoslav fell in love with the Great Lakes, as well as its beautiful woods. These have become the constant subjects of his paintings. Their charismatic beauty goes in tune with his personality, which is wonderfully reflected in his paintings, inviting the viewer to find out much more beneath the beauty that we see.

Sviatoslav's very first art fair took place in Brighton, MI and brought him First Place in the Show, along with many new collectors. Since then, Sviatoslav's name has become well-known throughout Michigan and beyond. His first solo exhibit took place in the town of Grand Marais on the shores of his beloved Lake Superior. This event, along with many sales,brought him many wonderful new friendships. Sviatoslav has been a multiple time recipient of First Place in Oils in Art on the Rocks in Marquette, MI. His new works are always greeted with admiration in Great Lakes Art Fairs in Novi, MI. 

Gallery representation includes galleries in Northville, MI; Ann Arbor, MI; Traverse City,MI; Blaney Park, MI. They always have new works for you to enjoy! Please contact the artist for more information.

Sviatoslav's original oil paintings grace the walls in the homes and businesses of his numerous collectors in the U.S., as well as internationally. His commission works have become statement pieces in many American residences. Notable sales include the names of nation's biggest CEOs. 

If you are interested in adding Sviatoslav's original oil painting to your life, please contact us at Thank you!

                                      ARTIST STATEMENT

Every moment is unique to me. I open my heart to it, enjoy it to the fullest, and put it on canvas. 

The world is a wonder to me. A single raindrop may whisper me a long story of the majestic Great Lakes, a lonely leaf may awaken as much admiration as the enormous Northern woods. In a smile of a human being I see the beauty of the Universe. In a similar way, I find as much pleasure in every single move of my palette knife or a brush on my canvas, as I do in a completed painting.

Oils are my favorite media. Mixing them and layering one color on top of the other is my way of capturing those elusive, ever-changing colors and shapes in nature that I so marvel. This layering technique allows me to put those subtle but remarkable differences on my canvas. Viewing my work at various angles as I paint magnifies this phenomenon to me. Waiting for one layer of oils to dry before I start another is much like holding my breath at the beauty that I see, before allowing yet another breath to overwhelm me with exhilarating pleasure.

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